This is a repository for my Masters of the Universe Custom Figures!

Masters of the Universe™ were my favorite toys when I was younger. They kept me fascinated for many years - from my very first He-Man™ and Battlecat™ in 1982 - well into 1986. I enjoyed many afternoons playing out adventures and letting my imagination run wild.

In 2002 the Masters line was redesigned for Mattel by the acclaimed Four Horsemen, reigniting the excitement the toys brought all those years ago.

Until recently I didn't even know that people customized toys and the feedback that I have gotten for my own custom work has been great! Just as I have been inspired by the work of others I'm glad to know that my work is also giving people excuses to play with toys and use their hands to make something new.

You have the power!
J-Sun 2005

Some of my custom figures include character variations and additions that did not exist in the New Masters of the Universe Animated or Comic Book storylines.
I have envisioned my own tale intended to tie these characters to these accepted storylines. For the most part - the ideas that I have come up with dovetail nicely. Please keep in mind that these ideas are NOT part of the MOTU canon & that the purpose of this website is to entertain & share the figures I have created - so please ...enjoy them!


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