Here is a list of Frequently asked Questions with Answers. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about my work, customs or this website, but please read through the FAQ's first - You may find your question has already been answered!

Q: Are these Figures for sale?
A: No. The custom figures featured on this website ARE NOT for sale.

Q: Can you make me a custom figure?
A: I cannot. But there are many terrific customizers that will. Many of the customizers who are affiliates of the Custom Coalition specialize in creating customs that they will sell to you.

Q: What is a Custom Figure?
A: A Custom Figure is a figure that is usually created from parts of other action figures to create a new and unique figure that has not been mass produced.

Q: Does Mattel Endorse this Website?
No, this website is not endorsed, sponsored or authorized by Mattel in any way.
    This is a NOT FOR PROFIT, FAN SITE created by a fan of Masters of the Universe.

Q: What is your relationship to He-Man.org?
A: I am a regular registered member. You can be too. Register at www.he-man.org/forums/boards/

Q: What is a Base Figure?
A: A "Base" figure is an action figure used as the foundation, or main component of a custom figure.

Q: Why are sections incomplete and inconsistent, and how come some character entries are really long and others are really short - what gives?
A: This website represents what is currently an open ended project. Beginning with the basics, I intend to build a consistent and in-depth presentation. It will take a while but keep checking back - things are changing all the time!

Q: Why do some figure descriptions describe the figure and the idea behind making the figure and other descriptions tell a story?
A: See the answer to previous question.

Q: What are the six boxes in each character description area, the ones with the different symbols like the he-man cross, snake, crossbones and skull face?
A: These are place holders for thumbnail images. Eventually they will be replaced with thumbnail images that when clicked upon will link to more images of the character. Look around the site - some characters already have additional images available - and keep checking back for regular updates!

Q: Can I submit my email address so I can be notified when there is an update to the website?
A: There is currently no newletter or email list - however - updates and news items are available as an RSS feed - so if you check the feed you'll be able to easily find out about the latest updates! the URL for the official RSS feed of this site is: http://www.jsunscustoms.com/news/rss.php

Q: Why haven't you made custom Figures of any Evil Horde Characters?
A: I have made one - Calix the rock warrior! But aside from him I don't plan on making any other Evil Horde customs. The Evil Horde characters were among my most favorite when I was younger - I have high hopes to see officially licensed 6" Statues of the Evil Horde Characters. Hordak and Grizzlor are already confirmed for release!

Q: Why don't you paint your figures with washes, like a black wash?
A: It is a personal preference. I really liked the simple bright color palatte of the original figures... and I really like the simple bright color palatte that the fourhorsemen paintd the original designs for the figures with and for the most part the entire new line was produced with. Also since I strive to create custom figures that fit in well with the actual figures blackwashing the figures is out of the question.

Q: I am having trouble viewing the website properly is there a browser you recommend?
A: Although Internet Explorer may be the most commonly used browser, this site loads and functions BEST in Firefox, Safari and Netscape... all of these browsers are free so go get them!

Q: For each of your figures you list the "recipe" but all I see are ingredients, can you list the full recipe?
A: Look closer! some of the recipes are listed and there are more to come! Ultimately more complete and detailed information will be listed - stay tuned!

Q: Can I read the story that you came up with regarding these customs and this website?
A: Not yet. The complete story is still under development in the form of a Fan-Comic.

Q: Why don't you just make customs of classic characters that were not made into figures?
A: I actually enjoy making customs of characters that don't exist in the Masters of the Universe canon much more that creating customs of existing characters. Sure - creating customs of existing characters is challenging and I have created a fair share, but I find that making clean, crisp, believable figures of unique characters to be a lot more fun!

Q: When did Tuvar and Badra become separated from each other?
A: That is how the started out before they became Two-Bad. They never did separate in the comic nor the cartoon... But in my own story they did.

Q: How much sculpting do you do to create your custom figures?
Some custom figures are built/sculpted completely from scratch. Most of my custom figures are conglomerations of other figures chopped slices sanded with bit and pieces that are scratch built/sculpted. So it depends. As the recipes for each figure get more fleshed out you will be able to see how each figure was created.

Q: How do you "cure" or harden sculpey onto a plastic figure without melting the figure?
A: For starters I NEVER put my figures or ANY plastic in the oven. Not only do you risk destroying your figures and your work, but you are also releasing harmful vapors into the air you breathe by putting an action figure in the oven at high temperatures. The way that I go about hardening the Sculpey is by dipping the figure into boiling water.*see next question

Q: I heard you boil your figures to cure any sculpey addition you have made to them, doesn't that ruin them?
A: I don't actually boil the figures - what I do is I bring a large pot of water to a boil - TURN THE HEAT OFF - and then dip the figure/sculpey into the water for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the amount of Scupey. This process works very well for me. It may require some patience, trial and error for you to get good results... but hey what doesn't?

Q: Isn't cutting plastic with razors dangerous?
A: Yes it can be. Working with any tool whether it be blunt or sharp can always present a hazard. Always practice your crafts safely - and wear safety goggles whenever cutting or drilling. You never know what is going to snap off and shoot right into your eye.

Q: Aren't safety goggles a little excessive?
A: Only if you consider having two eyes excessive.

Q: How do you get your sculptural elements so smooth?
A: When working with sculpey, before curing, I often use a little rubbing alcohol applied gently with a Q-tip (or just use your fingers) to smooth out areas. The rubbing alcohol acts as a solvent for the sculpey so be careful not to apply too much or you will dissolve away all of the details you have worked so hard to create!

Q: What kinds of tools do you use to create your customs?
A: Primarily I use Razors and Glue. You would be amazed at how much you can do with these tools alone. I also use a Wizard which is a rotary tool similar to a Dremel. When it comes to sculpting I use various picks, dental tools, pins, paper-clips all of these things are part of my customizing arsenal... You'll find that all sort of objects make great sculpting tools!

Q: Do you make custom action figure for other toy lines?
A: No. Masters of the Universe are the toy line I customize. I do make custom figures and sculptures for all sorts of other things... but Master of the Universe is the only toyline I presently customize.

Q: What kind of paints do you use?
A: I use acrylic craft paints - the kind that usually comes in 2 oz. plastic bottles. I prefer to use BLICK, Apple Barrel and DecoArt brands but I believe that most any brand of Acrylic Craft Paint will do.

Q: Do you seal or apply gloss to your customs?
A: Sometimes. When I do I rely on Testors Dull Cote. I should probably use it more often as it does a great job protecting the figures paint jobs and such... trouble is the stuff is rather toxic. So I fully recommend using Testor's Dull Cote - just be certain to spray it with adequate ventilation - or better yet if you can spray your customs outdoors, and allow the Dull Cote to dry before bringing your work back inside.


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