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Nowadays, a wide variety of animation software are available in the market and based on their features, they can have a lot of differences. If you read CreateStudio review or any other review, you will get to know about the unique features that each of them has and will better understand which one to choose. It is important to have a list of priorities regarding the features that you might want to have in the animation tool that you want to use.

Different types of animators might require different features but the following are a few features and tools that every animator wishes to have.

Intuitive user interface

One of the most heavily demanded features from any animation software is the presence of a user interface that is clean, free from clutter, easy to navigate and intuitive as well. If the user interface of the tool you are using qualifies these criteria, they are great and will allow you to save a lot of effort and time on the overall process.

Auto texturing

Texturing the environment and the character that your animation has is one of the most complex and time consuming tasks if done manually. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of at the same time and even a slight mistake can ruin the scene. Hence, having an AI powered auto texturing algorithm can be extremely helpful and time saving.

Multiple tools

Having a wide variety of tools for the animation process that can add value and make your work easier is always appreciated. This can significantly enhance the quality of what you do and is a major factor of the difference between animation tools. Some of the tools that are commonly required are virtual mirroring, smooth preview, loop, masking, magnet masking, tweaking and sculpting, etc.