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He-Man - A conglomerate of various He-Man figures this figure is my "new" He-Man. The Torso, Arms and legs are from Ice Armor He-Man, the head is from Snake Armor He-Man and the armor and fuzzy pants are from Original He-Man as are the gauntlets. The boots and pants involved a simple repaint, but the gauntlets involved a bit of work. The gauntlets were cut from the original He-Man figure and drilled through the centers. I then shaved off the Ice-Armor Gauntlets and forearms until I could wrap the Original Gauntlets onto the Ice-Armor He-Man's arms. The extensions of the armbands on the Ice-Armor He-Man figures hands were shaved off. I really prefer the shoulders and musculature and hands of Ice-Armor He-Man to the original so it was worth the effort!

The weapon is a custom sculpt based on the original power sword design - made massive to fit in with the new line of figures!

Ice Armor He-Man - Very little was actually done to this figure. All I did was add some metallic paint to the figures unpainted right wrist guard so it matched the left wrist guard.

The modifications are to his arsenal. Ice Armor He-Man came with an Ice spear and what I though was a rather odd disc flinging Ice themed shield. Where was his power sword?

I decided to create and Ice themed Power Sword as well as an Ice Axe. An Ice Axe of some sort seems to have been planned as part of the figure as it was featured in the one episode of the cartoon with the Ice Armor and the weapon slot on the back of the actual figure's armor fits the original He-Man axe perfectly. Oddly this slot does not accommodate the spear or shield that actually came with the figure. Hmmm...

Snake armor He-Man - In the cartoon we see Snake Armor He-man with a Snake Catcher Claw hat extends out of his right wrist guard, an extendable Snake Armor Shield and in the final episode his sword opens up to reveal an Snake (Serpos) Vanquishing Enchantment.

Sword - The actual figure only came with the sword - which was ridiculously oversized. I created a custom of the Vanquishing Enchanted Power Sword in scale with the actual Power Sword.

Snake Claw - The Snake Claw I liked. I didn't like that it only extended about a centimeter. On the cartoon the claw extends to quite a great length. I simply customized an extension for the claw, and removed the button that activated the spring 1 cm spring action feature replacing it with a Sculpey made "gem"

Shield - I really liked the collapsible Snake Armor Shied that was seen in the cartoon. I am still working on this addition. I'm intent on creating a shield that is collapsible.

In addition to the weapons a simple touch up of metallic paint of his shin guards.


He-Man.org member THE GODBEAST created some terrific custom Ice Axes of his own. I wish I had gotten a hold of one while I had the chance!

He-Man.org member Swiftjustice made a classic style translucent blue ice sword cast is transparent blue resin.

He-Man.org member Royalt1us, creator of many Master of the Universe Masterpieces produced a fantastic one piece Snake Armor shield fashioned with incredible detail.


The Recipe:

1 He-Man figure
1 Ice Armor He-Man figure
1 Snake Armor He-Man (Head)

Ice Armor He-Man
1 Ice Armor He-Man figure
Original He-man Axe & Sword
Blue Acrylic sheet

Snake Armor He-Man
1 Snake Armor He-Man figure
Original He-Man Sword
Teela Staff