Mariposan Protector

This figure was be modeled directly after the design by He-Man.org member Dr.Omega.

The Following description was written by Dr. Omega:

When the conflict between Skeletor and Eternos began, the Mariposans elected to remain out of it, as they were artists, not fighters. However, the Eternian Council came to make them realize how critical the situation was, and what a danger Skeletor and King Hssss posed to all people. Monarch Tarsus and his Viceroys decided to add their support for the Council and send the colony's sole protector to assist the Masters, as needed.

The protector hails from the capital city of Lepidoptolis where he lives with his wife Krisaliss. His name is Garth.

He has powers of Flight, a very durable exo-skeleton, and can emit a powerful knock-out gas. His wrist and ankle bracers and belt are very detailed and perfect examples of artistic Mariposan culture. Garth also wields his powerful Thor-Ax.

The Mariposans
The Mariposans are an off-shoot race of the Andreenid. Millennia ago, an Eternian artist came to live with the Andreenid and study their culture. He was fascinated by their culture and found their organic architecture to be extremely beautiful. The Andreenids found the artists appearance repulsive, but welcomed this stranger, as long as he did not halt productivity. While there, he ate the food of the Andreenid, including Ambrosia. He enjoyed life there and stayed for years. After prolonged exposure to the Ambrosia, and other factors, his appearance began to change, becoming more insect-like. He fell in love with a young queen and the two wished to be married.

Although his appearance was more acceptable than when he first came to live with them, they could not accept him as a royal consort. Their love for each other was stronger than public opinion, so the two fled to start a new life together. Soon, the queen gave birth to the first colony of Mariposans.

Today, the Mariposans numbers are small, but they are well respected as Artists all across the light hemisphere. Strong tensions exist between the Mariposans and the Andreenid.

- Dr. Omega



The character of Garth originally appeared in the classic MOTU cartoon. This vision of Garth both the design and the backstory - was created by He-Man.org member Dr. Omega.

Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. GARTH is a butterfly / humanoid


The Recipe:
1 Buzz-Off Figure (base)
1 McFarlane Goddess (wings)
brass wire (axe tip)