Preternian Master of Arms

Among the classic MOTU toys there was a variant Man-E-Faces packaged with a "Bonus pack" of recolored Grayskull weapons. This variant came to be known among fans as "Man-E-Weapons". Having only heard the name Man-E-Weapons, without the explanation of what it referred to, I had built up this image in my head of a Man-At-Arms and Man-E-Faces fusion with loads of weapons! When I learned that it was just a Man-E-Faces figure with extra Grayskull weapons I was sort of disapponted so I started working on a figure... A Man-At-Arms + Man-E-Faces = Man-E-Weapons!!!

In the original "manual" for the original MOTU cartoon series was the idea that "Each generation had its own Man-At-Arms skilled in the practical and mystical arts of forge and machine – able to create devices of war as well as those of peace..." etc.

In the Mini-Comic and Classic cartoon Episode "The Dragon's Gift" a reference is made by the ancient Skytree to an ancestor of Man-At-Arms that long ago spared the primeval tree's life: "Many centuries ago, Man-At-Arms' ancestors spared my life. Now I would willingly give it up to save him."
Man-E-Weapons is intended to be this very ancestor who helped the great Skytree.

The figure has ports in various parts of the wrists and elbows so you can attach his weapons differently... this also enables the figure to hold all of his weapons at once. He can be configured to carry his Shield, Sword, attach the Gun to the elbow port - and to make things easy on Man-E the Axe Head can be removed from its shaft and attached to the hilt of his Mace!
The combinations for how Man-E-Weapons can carry his weapons are numerous - in hand or stowed away on his back.

MAN-E-WEAPONS is an established fan name fan applied to this original character created by J-Sun.

Other fans have created versions of Man-E-Weapons as well - each of which coexist nicely in the story/fan-fic continuity given the Man-E-Weapons/Man-At Arms Legacy.

Be sure to check out the Powers of Preternia Podcast which features another such Preternian Man-E-Weapons character!

The Recipe:
Man-E-Weapons design, although at first glance says "Man-At-Arms" is actually comprised of an equal fusion of parts from Man-E-Faces and Man-At-Arms figures:

Parts from Man-E-Faces:
• Arms
• Legs
• Partial Armor

Parts from Man-At-Arms:
• Furry Pants
• Partial Armor
• Torso

The rest of him is made up of scraps and bits from other figures, the boots for example are from regular He-Man.