The company behind the creation of the Masters of the Universe toy line, Mattel is best known for popular toy favorites Barbie and Hotwheels.

The Fourhorsemen of the Toypocalipse! The designers who re-envisioned Masters of the Universe for a new generation!
The National Entertainment Collectibles Association. In collaboration with the Fourhorsemen, NECA produces MOTU statues and busts.
SMCYour source for unique custom weapons & accessories to augment a variety of action figures.

The Action Figure Network is an on-line community dedicated to collectors of action figures, comic books and all things collectible in pop culture! ActionFigureCollectors.comis your online source for action figure news and collector interaction!The on-line showcase of amazing custom figure creations by Casimir. Features toys in the DC animated style. Also an informative FAQ and host of the
Custom Coalition.
Huge, high-quality featuring Iron-Cow's DC and Marvel superhero customs in addition to loads of other great art-work!

The online magazine for toys, comics, movies and assorted pop culture artifacts. Millionaire Playboy.com caters to the modern day swingin' bachelor!

He-Man.Org is The Ultimate Masters Of The Universe Fan Super-site!
Be sure to check out the
He-Man.org Custom Figures Board

A place for Mattel collectors to call home: MattyCollector.com! This is the place for official news, the latest release information, sneak peek pics, and product archives.

An exquisite site featuring "Forgotten" characters, never made into figures, and a comprehensive comparison of classic & new figures!


G-Man's Lost Eternia

Spymagician | Jeremy Sung
Darthleon's World

Passion Designs
Joe Amaro

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The Custom Coalition is an affiliation of custom toy makers who practice their art under a general code of honor and ethics.

This code includes but is not limited to:
1. A spirit of cooperation and fair play.
2. A sharing of knowledge.
3. Nurturing of interest in those new
    to the hobby.
4. Positive education concerning the
    nature of the hobby.

Raving Toy Maniac is the news & info site for toys and action figures, with archives, forums, chat room, links section and much more.TheFwoosh.com - your home for action figure news, reviews and a modeler's gallery with some of the most amazing custom creations out there!

The premiere figure modeling publication today! Featuring comprehensive modeling instruction, interviews, a look at all the major model shows, manufactureres and eye-pooping photographs! Don't miss it!

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